Got something that needs a new lease on life?

We do our own repairs and restorations on items that come in and we offer this service to clients on a case by case basis.

We have a large well equipped workshop and a multi-talented team with a huge amount of experience in a variety of fields.

Our services range from repaints and repairs to full rebuilds and restorations.

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There isn't much we haven't tackled: Past projects include old petrol bowsers, gramophones, tinplate toys, pedal cars,  typewriters, cash registers and much more!


Work can range from repairs and rebuilds that leave the item showing its age to full restorations that result in something that looks like new!

Inquires must include a full description of the item and clear photographs of it in its current state.


We will need to inspect the item thoroughly in-person before any agreements or quotes will be given.


03 5232 2132