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Garage & Shed


Over 30 years ExperiEnce buying and selling.

We're always looking to buy items for resale and restoration. We travel all over Australia in our search for interesting bits and pieces!


People we visit are often surprised by what we'll buy...


It's often not the shiny "antique" looking items that jump out to us: A lot of our most interesting and surprising finds look like rubbish to the untrained eye.

The list of items we keep our eyes open for is almost endless but here are just a few examples...

  • Old Bottles & Tins

  • Petrol Bowsers

  • Toys & Models

  • Advertising Signs

  • Shop & Milkbar Displays

  • Old Tools & Shed Stuff

  • Garden Ornaments

  • Records & Record Players

  • Old Toys, Pedal Cars & Trikes

  • Old Industrial Items & Machines

  • Early Bicycles

  • Pinball, Arcade & Video Games

  • Telephones & Radios

  • Typewriters

  • Carnival & Show Items

  • Military & Nautical Items

  • Interesting Furniture & Decor

  • Medical & Scientific Items

  • Weird & Unusual Stuff....


For deceased estate & property clear ups we strongly recommend calling us out BEFORE you start cleaning up:

We've saved some of the most unassuming yet valuable items from rubbish and scrap metal piles and seen dozens more valuables crushed or smashed so they "fit in the bin"!


We have an honest no-nonsense approach to buying and pay cash on the spot.


Simply bring an item in, send us a few photos or give us a description over the phone to get the ball rolling.

For larger items and collections give us a call and we can discuss coming to you.

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Feel welcome to give us a call, send us some photos or bring items in directly!



03 5232 2132

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